About the Project: On Learning

Father and son fishing for salmon
Arthur Lake with his son Cameron, gillnet fishing for salmon–Kwigillingok.

Ever since I was born, we grew on walrus mainly. That is a large part of our consumption, seals also and other sea mammals, birds. But with walrus, everybody born is expected to learn along, just like learning in school. They are taught and it used to be where all the younger men would get together and talk about what they did today, how it was, how dangerous it was and what the current was to get to the walrus. So it was our elders, our fathers and mothers first, and the whole community would teach each other.9 Phillip Ahkinga—Diomede

Children and youth are taught to remember stories and information accurately, to ‘put it into your body,’ by techniques such as keeping one’s head still while listening.10 From “Traditional Knowledge of the Bowhead Whale (Balaena mysticetus) around St. Lawrence Island, Alaska”

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