About the Project: On Wealth

skin boat and aluminum boat
Skin boat and aluminum boat, the old and the new – Gambell. Photo credit: Jon Nickles

We have learned from the early age where we often go along with those that are going dip-netting for sticklebacks and setting up blackfish traps. We learned that subsistence was the main factor for survival and this has been the advice to our people since time immemorial for all not to forget. The food resources have been considered as ‘wealth’ for a way of survival. Though a family may be in need of material items, as long as they have a food supply to survive through each season, they are well fitted in wealth for their survival. That’s why we should not lose subsistence way of life as Native people.2 Paul John—Toksook Bay

Our way of life, who knows, one day it will be more important. The cost of living is just going up. We won’t be able to buy things from outside. Cost will be too high. But our resources are all around to survive with. I’m here today because my forefathers depended on marine mammals. That’s the source of food that we have. Everything my body needs is in the food chain. Fish, seals, walrus…it’s good for you...So here in the cold climate, eating marine mammal matches our body needs.3 Clement Ungott—Gambell

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