Photo by Martin Enghoff

Research Methods

Local natural resource experts, typically fishermen and hunters, identified as such by their respective communities, keep regular notes on local natural resource conditions as relevant for their fishing and hunting activities.

Village Committees are encouraged to establish Natural Resource Councils. Each council is comprised of local expert fishermen and hunters and other with environment interest. The council decides which species and resource uses should be observed. The members compile data on species and resource uses during fishing and hunting trips. Every three month the data are summarized, discussed and analyzed. Possible management interventions are discussed. The proposed management decisions and the supporting observations are forwarded to the local government authority.

Beyond this, the local natural resource experts are encouraged to report any local details they deem important or interesting having to do with the natural resources and resource use and the environment. They are encouraged to use terms in their indigenous languages, specific local place names, forecasting indicators, reference to their personal experience and memories of other community members whenever relevant.

Written observations are sent by email, mail and sometimes via phone conversation to Qeqertalik Municipality where the hard copies are archived and the observation records are entered into the Local Observations online database.