The PISUNA-net Local Observations database was developed to record, archive, and share indigenous and local knowledge and expertise on natural resources and resource use. This information is generously shared with the public by the observers and the communities within which the observers reside. We ask that anyone interested in browsing or using the information review and agree to adhere to the ethical and appropriate use guidelines.

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I understand that the observations compiled in this product were made by recognized local natural resource experts and are shared generously by the observers and their communities to help further resource governance, education, scientific research, and communication between holders of local and indigenous knowledge and decision-makers and research scientists. I also understand that the observations were made in the context of natural resource knowledge and use specific to the different communities that are part of this project; any interpretation of the data should respect this context.

When using or referencing data from this product for research or reporting purposes, I:

  1. Must acknowledge and cite by name the person(s) whose observations are being discussed or analyzed, unless the name of the observer(s) is not identified in the observation record.
  2. Must use the following citation to reference the data set: Danielsen, J., Frederiksen, P.O., Mølgard, T., Nielsen, G., Petersen, L. and other observers. 2016. Local Observations from the PISUNA Network (PISUNA-net). [Indicate subset used]. Edited by P. Jakobsen, N. Levermann, B. Lyberth, M.K. Poulsen and F. Danielsen. Ilulissat: Qaasuitsup Kommunia. Nuuk: Ministry of Fisheries and Hunting, and Greenland Fishers and Hunters Association. Copenhagen: NORDECO. Downloaded from
  3. Should refer to the specific context within which the observations were made and compiled, as outlined in the following paper that provides additional background information: Danielsen, F., Topp-Jørgensen, E., Levermann, N., Løvstrøm, P., Schiøtz, M., Enghoff, M. and Jakobsen, P. (2014). Counting what counts: using local knowledge to improve Arctic resource management. Polar Geography 37: 69–91.

By accessing the data, I agree to the above Use Agreement.

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I hereby agree to abide by the terms set forth in the Use Agreement.

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