ELOKA Workshop Special Issue

Local Knowledge and Data Management in the Arctic and Beyond (working title)

Guest editors: Peter L. Pulsifer, Henry Huntington, Gretta Pecl

The editorial board of the journal Polar Geography is supporting the publication of a special issue of articles based on the abstracts submitted for presentation at the ELOKA workshop. Following discussions with the Polar Geography production team, the issue is scheduled for Volume 35, Issue 4 to be published in November, 2012.

Information for authors: Manuscripts should be 5000 - 8000 word (including references) and adhere to the author guidelines described on the Polar Geography website. The manuscripts are to be submitted using the ScholarOne Manuscripts portal as outlined on the journal website.

Timeline: Manuscripts will be reviewed by the guest editors starting after November 17th with the deadline for manuscript submission being January 16th, 2011. Guest editors will provide comments and feedback to authors by February 10th, 2012. To ensure timely publication, we are aiming to start the journal's standard peer review process by March 30th, 2012.

A large number of manuscripts submissions are expected. Following the peer review process, publication options will be considered if we exceed the number of articles normally included in a single issue. This may include development of a double issue or deferring selected articles to a future issue of Polar Geography. Additionally, a number of potentially suitable journals have been identified. Should a given article not be suitable for publication in the Polar Geography issue, guest editors will work with authors to help identify an appropriate publication venue.