ELOKA Workshop

Meeting photoAttendees at the 2011 workshop at the University of Colorado-Boulder

"Data Management and Local Knowledge: Building a Network to Support Community-Based Research and Monitoring"
November 15, 16, 17, 2011
National Snow and Ice Data Center
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

Workshop Program
Workshop Overview

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers, community members, organizations, and projects working on issues surrounding data management for both Local and Traditional Knowledge (LTK) and information from community-based research and monitoring. At the workshop we will:

  1. Hear presentations from a diverse group of projects working on community-based research and monitoring, with emphasis on data management (challenges, issues, questions, systems, etc.);
  2. Discuss as a group key topics on the theme of data management, local knowledge, and community-based research; and
  3. Discuss as a group continued development of an international network on data management and local knowledge through collaboration and partnership.

One of the outcomes of the workshop will be a special journal issue on community-based research and data management. Selected abstracts for the workshop have been invited to develop full papers for the journal issue. Draft papers are due at the end of 2011 with final papers to be published in the special issue late in 2012. More...

Details and outcomes of the event

The ELOKA workshop was held University of Colorado Boulder Campus on November 15 to 17. More than 75 participants from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia attended, including members of Indigenous communities from Alaska, Siberia, the Canadian Arctic, and the Boulder area. Local experts, university researchers, federal government representatives, a representative of UNESCO, NGO researchers, students and others also attended. The program included more than 35 presentations with a poster session and a series of working sessions. The workshop significantly strengthened links between ELOKA and the broader network of community members and researchers working with Arctic communities. Workshop presentations and abstracts are available online at the ELOKA Workshop webpage.

Group photoELOKA Workshop participants gather from North America, Greenland, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Photo credit: David Oonk

Meeting photoELOKA workshop participants listen to one of the 35 presentations over the three-day period. Photo credit: Chris McNeave

Trevor BennettTrevor Bennett (University of Victoria, BC, School of Environmental Studies) enjoys a discussion during the ELOKA workshop. Photo Credit: Chris McNeave

Meeting participantsJay Hootch and Earl Alstrom (Yupiit of Andreafski Environmental Program) and Gretta Pecl (The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania, Australia) enage in discussions at the ELOKA workshop. Photo credit: Chris McNeave

Meeting participantsAlaska community member Olia Sutton teaches Jeff Braucher (National Snow and Ice Data Center) the "how to's" on operating an Arctic Yo Yo. Photo credit: Chris McNeave

Poster sessionELOKA workshop participants mingle at the poster session. The poster session offered participants another avenue to present their projects. Photo credit: Chris McNeave

Meeting participantsSnowChange Cooperative's Tero Mustonen (Selkie Village, Finland), Pyotr Kaurgin (Chukchee Nomadic Community, Turvaurgin, Russia), Russian Interpretor Elena Freeman (Unviersity of Colorado) and Vyacheslav Shadrin (Chief, Council of Yukaghir Elders, Russia) sit together at the ELOKA workshop. Photo credit: Chris McNeave

Jazz hands photoELOKA PI—Peter Pulsifer, and Co-PIs Shari Fox and Henry Huntington having fun at the AISES cultural event "An Indigenous Evening." This event coincided with the ELOKA Workshop. Photo credit: Chris McNeave