ELOKA Advisory Committee Meeting Overview

18-19 September 2013
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Advisory meeting summary

The purpose of the ELOKA Advisory Committee is to help guide and advise on ELOKA activities. The Advisory Committee will have six members, made up of experts and leaders working with Arctic communities and in the fields of community-based research, data management technologies, and Local and Traditional Knowledge (LTK). The committee will meet in person once per year for three years (2013, 2014, and 2015). Annual meetings are anticipated to be two days long and will be held in a major center in either the U.S. or Canada. Between annual meetings, the advisory committee will be asked to communicate with the ELOKA team via email and file sharing programs.

Advisory Committee Goals

  • Provide general advice on ELOKA’s current work providing data management services for LTK and CBM projects
  • Provide insight into the latest directions in other LTK and CBM activities in and outside of the Arctic, allowing ELOKA to stay informed and potentially support broader issues and initiatives
  • Advise on existing and developing technologies that can contribute to ELOKA data management services

Overview of goals, objectives and desired outcomes by day

The following section presents an overview of the goals, objectives and desired outcomes for the two-day meeting. On Day 1 the discussion will focus on ELOKA, each of you and the experiences and perspectives you bring. We are attempting to focus the afternoon discussion on dialogue that will help to confirm or refine existing priorities, and identify new priorities from the perspective of Committee members. On Day 2 the focus of the discussion will shift to Community-Based Monitoring (CBM) and the role ELOKA plays in facilitating CBM projects and networking.

Day 1


To gain detailed knowledge and understanding of ELOKA, each other, the perspectives you bring, and how your own experiences in your work/organizations link back to ELOKA.

  • Review past and current ELOKA priorities based on the project activities to date
  • Gain clear knowledge on ELOKA priorities established in the current proposal
  • Engage in dialogue
  • Confirm and/or refine existing priorities
  • Identify new or enhance current priorities from the perspective of Committee members
  • Acquire an expanded view of ELOKA
  • Gain more knowledge on other advisory committee members

Day 2


To continue building on the outcomes from Day 1 and to be introduced to community-based monitoring projects

  • Have more knowledge on community-based monitoring projects in the Arctic
  • Discuss CBM opportunities and challenges, links to LTK research and ELOKA
  • Begin developing an ideas of how you can advise ELOKA in relation to direction of the project
  • Decide where next meeting will be held, when

White Paper

An outcome of the Advisory Committee will be the development of a white paper on data management. The primary audience will be members of the academic community. Peter Pulsifer will share more on the white paper details at the meeting in September.