Kaare Sikuaq Erickson leads Ikaaġun Engagement, which provides education and orientation services to Arctic scientists and rural educators. Ikaaġun is based in Unalakleet and Anchorage, Alaska. Sikuaq was raised on the Bering Sea coast and has family scattered across northern Alaska from Unalakleet to Shishmaref to Utqiaġvik. Sikuaq was taught to provide for his communities through subsistence and leadership. His upbringing taught him to be aware of problems facing Arctic communities and to find creative, realistic, and effective ways to alleviate or solve these issues. Sikuaq spent nearly two decades immersed in cultural studies and has most recently spent several years developing and implementing creative, effective, and efficient outreach, engagement and K-12 education programs for high profile Arctic research projects. Sikuaq's unique upbringing and specialized training allows him to successfully fulfill his role as cultural broker connecting Arctic communities and Arctic research entities.