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CBM Inuit Health and Wellness

Atlas of Community-Based Monitoring: Inuit Mental Health and Wellness

This module of the Atlas of Community-Based Monitoring in a Changing Arctic offers an inventory of programs that focus on Inuit mental health and wellness across the circumpolar region. It is based on programs identified by the Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada (ICC-Canada) in its Circumpolar Inuit Health Priorities: Best Health Practices and Research report (2012), as well as additional mental health and wellness programs identified in 2014 and 2015.

Topics Indigenous health

Geographic areas Inuit regions of Canada

Date range Ongoing


The Bering Sea Sub Network Phase II

The Bering Sea Sub Network is a collaborative alliance of fishers and hunters from coastal villages around the Bering Sea and researchers formed to enable a systematic collection of local observations of physical, biological, and socioeconomic conditions in their regions. ELOKA is developing a system to ingest and manage these sensitive data with a structure designed to allow user-based controlled access.

Topics Physical, biological, and socioeconomic phenomena

Geographic areas Alaska and Russia adjacent to the Bering Strait

Date range Pre-history to present

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Mon, 09/17/2018