Maps: Eiders: Subsistence Use


This project does not include maps of eider subsistence use areas. Not all eider species are currently hunted to the extent they used to be due to population declines and restrictions; however eiders were discussed in interviews with hunters and elders. As sea ducks, eiders seasonally occupy the same marine habitats as marine mammals.

Cultural Practices

Observations by Alaska Native people at different locations along the coast and on the islands note eiders migrating past, nesting and wintering. Historically eiders were used to make extremely warm, lightweight parkas.1,2,3  Sea ducks are a part of the mosaic of plentiful subsistence foods. Certain practices are diminished now due to modern clothing and conservation management rules restrict hunting and egg collecting of spectacled eiders. The recovery of a healthy spectacled eider population should allow for resumption of subsistence use in the future.

Important Eider Habitats:
Common Eider
King Eider
Spectacled Eider

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